Selectrix (SX) Arduino

With the help of an Arduino it is not too difficult to decode the Selectrix signal.

The interface can be very simple:

The sx clock signal (pin 1 of the SX DIN plug - also called "T0") triggers the interrupt INT0 of the arduino (pin D2), the data signal (called "T1" is sampled with another input (I'm using pin D4). Be careful, on pin 3 of the SX bus there are 20Volts, which is a pretty high voltage for any microcontroller...

this is the first PC board...
To reduce the overall size, I did not make an Arduino "shield" but instead integrated the ArduinoProMini on the board (the ArduinoProMini already has a 5V regulator and a quartz etc on its small SMD board).

I moved the C-code for decoding into a library with the name "SX", an example program (this is "Arduino style") shows how to use it. I tried to keep the code very simple.

Download Arduino Library "Selectrix" v.2.1 (GPL) . This version runs on all Arduino (and reading the SX Bus works fine), however, the writing on the bus seems to be not fast enough for some central stations. Therefore there is now a new version (thanks to Reinhard Thamm) where all the DigitalWrites are replaced by direkt port commands. Please check your arduino ports if you NOT using an ATmega328 based arduino.

Arduino Library incl. write - fast version 2.2 (GPL)

Selectrix is a registered trademark of Maerklin GmbH, Goeppingen, Germany.

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