October 2016

FREMO "O-Scale-Division", meeting in Hamm.

Juli 2016

Lanbahn Fredi - a WiFi throttle with the same size as the standard FREMO "Fredi".

more info: Lanbahn website - and many thanks to the developers of the orignal "Fred", Olaf Funke and others from FREMO.

September 2015

XBee Throttle -- a PC board was designed and manufactured - the Lipoly-battery loader is being tested first,

August 2015

XBee Throttle (work in progress ...)

May 2015

The Selectrix Library for the Arduino was updated to version 2.2b, see Selectrix Arduino - Many Thanks, Reinhard Thamm, for speeding it up and adding a "Train-on-Track-Indicator" example.

December 2014

The first wifi "LAN-bahn" decoder : Decoder. (LAN = Local Area Network, "bahn" = german for "railroad")

November 2014

Lonstoke West was on display at the "Warley National Show" in Birmingham, see Lonstoke West in Birmingham.

August 2014

With a new transport box the "City Litho" factory will be moved to Birmingham and back without damage, hopefully.

July 2014 is a nice mikrocontroller kit system. There are lots of sensors and I/O boards - and now there is a "bricklet" which can operate 4 turnout motors.

January 2014

CBUS, Experiments with the CAN-bus and the Arduino.

November 2013

Our new function decoder for Selectrix® with an ATtiny9 - not so easy to solder by hand, at least at my age ...

October 2013

"SX3" can be run on a Raspberry PI

January 2013

"Lonstoke West" was on operation at the "Korntaler Modellbahntage" in the "Alte Lateinschule / Musikschule" Korntal.
Lonstoke West, new photos (NO flash)
revision 1.0 of sx3-pc was released.

Oktober 2012

the RaspberryPi is a nice hardware for controlling turnouts - without any central station, directly via Wifi... more to come soon: "LANBAHN".

Sep 2012

continued work on AndroPanel Definition of the SXnet Protocol - very simple, but useful only for Selectrix.

May 2012

I'm currently working on "AndroPanel", an application for Android tablets for switching turnouts (and 1 loco).

April 2012

there is still analog wiring of model railroads, this photo was taken April 2012

February 2012

SX Turnout and Signal Decoder

A simplified version of the SX-Arduino (with Attiny2313) was built to operate Tortoise turnout motors. There will be more info soon on this website...

Januar 2012

Selectrix Shield for Arduino

This is a first experimental "shield" for a Selectrix interface for the arduino. More info on the selectrix arduino page.

Oktober 2011

The "Green Hills Traction" (Uli Leibfarth, Jürgen Petrik), an US prototype O-Scale modular layout, was on display at the German

US Convention in Rodgau (near Frankfurt)

Mai 2011

new: information about the SX (Selectrix) system and a Java program to control SX with an SRCP server - this enables the control of SX via the Android SRCP client program.

Februar 2011

several new fotos of "Lonstoke West"

Januar 2011

I'm currently writing a software for Android Smartphones which can be used to run locos via the SRCP protocol. More (in German) Android SRCP ...

Oktober 2010
The location of this years "Narrow Gauge EXPO" was the Pinzgauer Lokalbahn in Austria, close to the Großglockner, Austrias highest mountain. On Sunday, a steam train with an Mh3 attracted visitors - normally modern diesel trains and railcars operate on this narrow gauge (760mm) line.

here a photo from the H0e layout of the "Regionalgruppe Baden-Württemberg der Arge-S"...

January 16th and 17th, 2010
... "Lonstoke West" was on display at the Strassenbahnwelt Stuttgart (Stuttgart Tram Museum)...

Januar 2010
==> new open passenger car of the "Rio Blanco Heritage RR"

November 2009
building an Arduino Throttle

November 2009
The swiss "LOKI" magazine (Nov 09) is featuring a photo show of the Adliswil US-Convention, with a photo of our fan, supporter and engineer Hedwig.....

Oktober 2009
We got a second EMU ! see photos of the 2-HAL here.

Oktober 2009
... we displayed the 0n3-layout RBM&L at the US-Convention in Adliswil/Switzerland!
The Slideshow "RBM&L" was updated with photos of the new modules.

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