Another digital system for model railroads was is called Selectrix®, shortened "SX". It is no longer actively developed by Trix®, but there are number of users and also several smaller companies who continue to develop new components for this systems.

The SX system (standardized in NEM 680 and NEM 681) is pretty simple - and loco decoders were the smallest ones on the market and are used also in N- and Z-scale. It cover (in its original version) 112 adresses for locos and accessory decoders. Theres are lot of project around SX, for example Mr. Steinhart ( ) describes a servo turnout decoder with a material cost of only 2 Euro!

I'm currently experimenting with an Selectrix shield for the arduino...

more on the page "selectrix-arduino".

We are using SX on 2 layouts (one German and one with US-prototype) in our club ( ), therefor I wrote a Java program for "debugging".
more about the "SX3" program.



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